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Thanks for the memories!

May 10, 2010

Dinner for the writeres at the Women's Literary Festival in Santa Barbara, CA.

While this has been a hectic semester, it’s also been filled with great joy and the excitement that comes from meeting new friends in restaurants, (and hopefully new readers.) Pictured here are some of the sponsors for the May 1, 2010 Women’s Literary Festival in Santa Barbara.  Seated in the foreground is Los Angeles cartoonist Carol Lay, [far right].  Seated far left is Chinese-American author Lisa See, and much further down the table on the far right is author Katherine Forrest.  Far left in the background [barely visible] is poet and playwright Sojourner Kincaid Rolle.

DoubleTree Resort Ballroom

There were 250 women in attendance at the reading and book signing at the DoubleTree Resort in Santa Barbara.  I was really moved by the stories of the women and the sacrifices they made to become writers.  Yeah, it’s not a day at the beach, believe me. Especially if you don’t want to write legal thrillers.

Next, I’ve been meaning to publish some pictures of the university classes I’ve visited over the 2010 Spring semester.  Below is David Graham’s creative writing class at Ripon College in Wisconsin.  Graham’s class had read some of my poetry and short fiction and asked really smart, yet complicated questions about practicing the craft.

I was lucky this semester to be able to travel to Oklahoma and attend the Scissortail Literary Festival in Ada on April 1.  My visit home also coincided with a reading I gave at Seminole State College, Seminole, Oklahoma. Due to their large enrollment of American Indian students, Seminole State is a Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institution (NASNTI) and funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Pictured below is my host for the reading assistant professor Rayshell Clapper.  We’re seated in her office at Seminole State.

After my reading we all went out for lunch at a terrific Chinese Restaurant in Seminole with other colleagues in the English department.  It seems all my reporting on this blog is of me eating and drinking in restaurants.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurus. . . or maybe it’s because most of the best conversations take place these days over a good meal.  Whatever the case, here we are wrapping up a great lunch in Seminole. 

Last stop this semester! On May 13, (yeah, I know, that’s this week) I’ll be in Columbus Ohio where I’m reading at Ohio State University.  On May 14, I’ll be visiting the Newark Earthworks site, and giving  a lecture/discussion there.  And just maybe having another good meal.  I’ll let you know. For more information about the reading and events contact professor Chadwick Allen in American Studies at OSU. Here’s the link on OSU’s American Indian Studies program web site,

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