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2009 Native Fastpitch Tourneys

May 20, 2009

Update: Some dates and locations for this year’s tourneys are still in flux. Please check the comments for the most recent information we have, courtesy of Jay Watson. The current calendar as of 2 July 09 is here.


Native Fast-pitch fans, lucky enough to be in Okieland, “Here comes the Sun.”

June 19-21 2009
Creek Nation Fastpitch Tourney Okmulgee, OK

July 10-12
All Indian State Fastpitch Norman, OK-site still to be confirmed

August 1 or August 8
Anadarko Indian Fair Tourney Anadarko, OK

August 28-30
Cherokee National Holiday Tourney Tahlequah, OK

September 4-6
Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival Tourney Tushkahoma, OK

September 19-20
Seminole Nation Days Tourney Seminole, OK

October 2-4
Chickasaw Annual Festival Tourney Tishomingo, OK

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  1. May 26, 2009 10:58 am

    This just in: It seems there’s a hitch with the Norman location for the 2009 All-Indian Tribes’ tourney [used to be at Wheeler Park, then moved to Chickasha]. Manager Jay Watson, Chahtas, has promised as soon as he gets word, he will let us all know.

  2. ISAIAH permalink
    June 6, 2009 11:52 pm


  3. ISAIAH permalink
    June 11, 2009 8:08 am

    got word that National Indian Athletic Association will be having its national tournament in california august 28-30 cash prizes.

  4. NativeBallPlayer permalink
    June 11, 2009 10:50 pm

    How Do I go about getting into the All-Indian Tribes tourney? And what was the date? If anyone could help it would be much appreciated…

  5. Jay Watson permalink
    June 14, 2009 7:39 pm

    I spoke with CeCe Floyd who is on the All Indian State Tourney Staff on June 12. CeCe stated there is no longer a set date on that tournament. The tourney staff is trying to have the tourney at the Creek Nation Field complex in Okmuglee, Oklahoma and also use additional fields in Okmulgee if possible. The tourney staff is shooting for a date in July or August that is feasible for the teams and use of the field complex but there are still a few issues to be resolved for that to happen. If that scenario does not work out there will not be a All Indian State Tourney this year, hopefully though things will get resolved where the event can be held. NativeBallPlayer if you will email your email address at I will forward you some contact information for any tourneys I know about in Oklahoma.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Womens Fastpitch

  6. Jay Watson permalink
    June 22, 2009 10:05 am

    I should get official word on the 2009 Oklahoma State All Indian Fastpitch Tournament in the next couple of days. Actually I am expecting a email tomorrow and as soon I get the info I will post it.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Womens Fastpitch

  7. June 23, 2009 4:40 pm

    I am still waiting to hear on the Oklahoma All Indian State Tourney. I expected a email today but have not received anything yet. Here are the results from the 2009 Creek Nation Festival Fastpitch tourney as reported to me by Rhea Bearbow Tourney Staff. The Chahtas went 3-2 and finished in 5th place in the womens division.

    Womens Division
    Native Stars 1st
    Graham Construction 2nd
    Fireballs 3rd

    Mens Division
    Kansas Indians 1st
    Dazed & Confused 2nd
    Dodge 3rd

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Womens Fastpitch

  8. June 26, 2009 2:15 pm

    I am still unable to confirm anything on the 2009 Oklahoma All Indian State Tourney. From what I understand the issue of using the Creek Nation Field Complex remains unresolved so I would say that the original date of July 10-12th is off. I have heard several rumors that the Mens tourney would still be held on that date in Okmulgee but I having received nothing that would confirm that. I will update this when I receive any confirmations about this tourney. For those of you that have emailed me about other tourneys I am waiting on some information and will do a emailing out as soon as possible about contact info for the other tourneys in Oklahoma that I am made aware of.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Womens Fastpitch

  9. June 30, 2009 12:49 pm

    2009 Oklahoma All Indian State will be in Okmulgee, Oklahoma . All Indian State Fast pitch will be Aug 7-9 and slow-pitch Aug 14-16. Entry fee is $250. CeCe Floyd is making up flyers tonight and will be sending out. Address is: ONASA 1520 N. Portland OKC, OK 73107 ATTN: CECE FLOYD Cashier’s Checks/Money orders payable to ONASA For further information contact Lisa Smith-Longman(405)734-4519 or CeCe Floyd Cell(405)627-9077 Work(405)943-7935

  10. July 2, 2009 10:21 am

    Since I have had several people email me about fastpitch tourneys in Oklahoma I thought I would just publish my most current list here with contact numbers. When I hear of more I will update this.

    July 24 – 26 Concho Fastpitch Tourney El Reno, OK
    Men & Women
    Robert Woods (405) 637 – 4956

    July 31-August 2 Anadarko Indian Expo Fastpitch Tourney Anadarko, OK
    Men & Women
    George Mopope (405)668-0992

    August 7-9 Oklahoma All Indian Fastpitch Tourney Okmulgee, OK
    Men & Women
    Lisa Smith-Longman(405)734-4519 or CeCe Floyd Cell(405)627-9077 Work(405)943-7935

    August 15 – 16 RUNVUS Fastpitch Tourney Konawa, OK
    Men Only
    Stella Amos (580)320-5845 Message Phone

    August 28-30 Cherokee Nation National Holiday Fast Pitch Tournament
    Men & Women
    Tahlequah, OK
    Melissa Cloud C/(918)316-3760

    September 4-6 Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival Tourney Tushkahoma, OK
    Men & Women
    Larry Wade (800)522-6170

    September 19-20 Seminole Nation Days Fastpitch Tourney Seminole, OK
    Men & Women
    Simon Larney (405)584-1124

    October 2-4 Chickasaw Nation Festival Fastpitch Tourney Tishomingo, OK
    Men & Women
    Thurman Walker (580)436-2603

  11. July 6, 2009 1:25 pm

    Folks,,I am basically at a loss about this but the 2009 Oklahoma All Indian State Softball Tourneys dates has been changed again,,because of conflicts with the Annual All Indian Black Rodeo in Okmulgee,,here is the info part of the email I received today:

    “Fast pitch has been changed to Aug 14-16 and
    Slow pitch has been scheduled for Aug. 21-23, deadlines are Aug. 8th Fast
    pitch and Aug 15th Slow pitch.”

    The contact info remains the same. Sorry for any inconvience.

  12. Joe Bohanon permalink
    July 13, 2009 11:14 am

    Be sure to look for our team from Bacone College called the Frybread Nations at state this year.


  13. July 14, 2009 9:55 am

    Joe Pat,,Mother says to tell you hello and we will see you there,,I am getting our entry form ready to mail in as we speak,,by the way the walk ways at Tushkahoma have “roof” now,,so at least we will have some shade down there now,,,my wife’s family is going to have a big feast there on Sunday during Labor Day Weekend,,I hope you will come by and eat with us and whom ever else on here that wants to, come on by,we will have some Banaha, Tanchi Labona and other good eats prepared,,,

  14. Theresa permalink
    July 16, 2009 5:09 pm

    Good to see that fastpitch hasn’t died out. Can’t wait for Tushkahoma to watch the ballgames.

  15. Jamie permalink
    July 23, 2009 2:34 pm

    Hello! I’m a new member to the website, I kind of just stumbled upon it. I play in all the womens tourneys every year and have been doing so for quite some time now. I think the word needs to be spread to all the tourney coordinators that womens fastpitch is back as far as for the native tourneys. Seems like there was a shortage of teams for a couple of years and were only seeing the same teams with a whole team on the bench but now were back in full force. For those of you who went to the creek nation festival, there were 16 womens teams with several on a “waiting list” so there are many new “native” teams wanting to play and I dont mean teams that are full of non-natives. I hope word spreads because myself and others want to play more then a few times a year at just the “big” tourneys. Spread the word..PLEASE!!!

  16. July 24, 2009 10:29 am

    tks Jamie for the feedback. 16 women’s teams! That’s fantastic. I’ll do my best to spread the word. Hope to see you at Tuskahoma. Good luck to all the players.

  17. Cam G permalink
    August 11, 2009 2:18 pm

    Hello, I’m fr Canada, in all our native tournaments it’s money for 1st 2nd and 3rd are your tournaments the same

  18. August 11, 2009 3:18 pm

    Cam,,here and there you will come across a few tourneys down here in Oklahoma that do offer money instead of Jackets, Warm Up Jerseys and/or Shirts but for the most part I would say they do not. It really depends on the tourney staff/host on what they choose to offer for awards. Certainly there are a couple that do pop up here and there. When I lived in Sioux City, Iowa back in the 80’s I played for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and we went to some money tourneys in South and North Dakota but never made it to Canada for any. If your looking for some bigger tourneys that may offer money I would suggest you try this website and you can get more information on their tourneys that may offer money,I know there are tourneys throughout the United States that do offer money for awards but do not have any specific information on them,, there may be other persons that come to the site that can provide you with better information on those type of tournaments than I have. Good Luck on your season.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  19. Cam G permalink
    August 11, 2009 7:58 pm

    Jay, thanks for info. Our team is from kamloops bc we have a all native team we just played in the 2009 native Canadian championships in Whitecourt Alberta and came 3rd out 25 teams, we would like to enter a tournamet that is a big one what one would u suggest “ladies fastball”

  20. August 11, 2009 10:11 pm

    Cam,,unfortunately the bigger tourneys for women in Oklahoma are already happening,,the Creek Nation Tourney was in June and the All Indian State is this weekend, the Cherokee Nation will have one on August 28-30,,although from talking with the tourney director Melissa Cloud today,,she is not expecting that many teams,,she advised their deadline has been extended to this Friday August 14th,,her contact number is (918) 453-5572,,,the Choctaw Nation Fastpitch tourney is scheduled for Sept. 4-6 Labor Day Weekend and usually has around 15-18 womens teams and 25-30 mens teams,,it is not a “All Native tourney”,,,you can contact Larry Wade at (800)522-6170 to enter the Choctaw Tourney but certainly time is of the essence as the deadline is this Friday August 14th, I am sure Larry would love to have your team as would I,,to my knowledge we have never had a team from Canada at Tushkahoma for our Labor Day Festival Tourney. The Seminole Nation and Chickasaw Nation tourneys contact info which will be held in September and October are listed elsewhere on this blog as are all the tourneys that I am aware of. Good Luck, to you and your team.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  21. ISAIAH permalink
    August 12, 2009 1:38 am

    there is a all indian tournament for money in california aug 28-30 1st place $3000 2nd 2000 3rd 1000 mens and womens

  22. August 17, 2009 10:21 am

    2009 Oklahoma State All Indian Fastpitch Tourney Results

    Womens Division
    1st Native Stars
    2nd Chahtas
    3rd Charlies Angels

    Mens Division
    Kansas Indians
    Dazed & Confused

    Jay Watson

  23. eric taylor permalink
    August 21, 2009 5:32 am

    can u get the entry fees to the remaining festivals

  24. August 21, 2009 8:08 am

    Eric,,you can call these people and get that information,,good luck on your season

    September 19-20 Seminole Nation Days Fastpitch Tourney Seminole, OK
    Men & Women
    Simon Larney (405)584-1124

    October 2-4 Chickasaw Nation Festival Fastpitch Tourney Tishomingo, OK
    Men & Women
    Thurman Walker (580)436-2603

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  25. August 31, 2009 11:24 am

    2009 Cherokee National Holiday Festival Fastpitch Tourney Results

    1) Sga-Sdi-Yu
    2) Chahtas
    3) Native Stars

    1) Moodyville
    2) Kansas Indians
    3) Sykos *

    * (Was listed under a different name in the tourney bracket)

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  26. August 31, 2009 5:13 pm

    2009 Cherokee National Holiday Festival Fastpitch Tourney Results

    1) Sga-Sdi-Yu
    2) Chahtas
    3) Native Stars

    1) Moodyville
    2) Kansas Indians
    3) Sykos*

    * Was listed under a different name in the tourney Bracket.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  27. September 7, 2009 1:24 pm

    2009 Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival Fastpitch Tourney Results

    1) O’Hoyo Homma (Red Women-Choctaw)
    2) Heat
    3) Chahtas

    1) Indian Boys (aka Kansas Indians)
    2) Sykos
    3) Next Of Kin

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  28. October 4, 2009 1:18 am

    Chickasaw Nation Festival Tourney
    1) Chahtas
    2) Silver Bullets
    3) Red Thunder

    Mens will be continued next week due to rain.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  29. October 7, 2009 9:11 am

    Leandra Yellowfish informed me yesterday that the Seminole Nation Festival Fastpitch Tourney has been canceled again. She advised that at this point she is unsure if they will be able to reschedule it again this year because of the time of year and teams being unable to come back again as this is the 3rd weekend it has been canceled. If I hear anymore about it I will update the info on it.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  30. October 21, 2009 10:56 am

    I was advised last night the 2009 Seminole Nation Days Festival Fastpitch Tourney has been canceled and will not be rescheduled this year.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  31. choogie smoke permalink
    January 1, 2010 3:19 pm

    hi, my name is choogie smoke i played for the hit-n-run in the cherokee nations national holiday this past year and we finish 4th i think the top 5 teams should be listed on the website instead top 3. i’m only a 17 yr old boy and i love to pitch u guys might of watched me pitch of couple times left handed.

  32. January 1, 2010 10:33 pm

    I listed the top 3 teams in each fast pitch division because that was the official order of finish for both men and women teams for the tourney as provided to me by the Cherokee National Holiday Fast pitch Tourney director Melissa Cloud. I knew the women’s order of finish as I am the manager for the Chahtas team. If you know what mens team finished in 4th or 5th place feel free to post them.

    Jay Watson

  33. January 13, 2010 4:16 pm

    Just wanted to leave a note here that Chahtas Shortstop Kristi Mitchell will be inducted into the Oklahoma ASA Softball Hall of Fame on February 6, 2010 in Enid, Oklahoma. She will join fellow Choctaws Keith Barnes, David Clay Harold (Weiner) Roberson, Al Roberson and Tony Mussett in the Hall.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  34. Freda permalink
    March 2, 2010 6:39 am

    manage Soboba Womens Fastpitch from So. California we played in Native Tourneys in Canada (BC) back in the early 90’s we are looking to return to participate in any providence if there any native tourneys going on in 2010.

  35. Jenn permalink
    March 2, 2010 12:23 pm

    Does anyone know what the 2010 fast-pitch tournament schedule is looking like yet? What tournaments are coming up first?

  36. March 2, 2010 5:00 pm

    I will post the tourneys in the next day or so. I have most of them but need to verify information on them before I post them for public viewing.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  37. March 9, 2010 3:23 pm

    Well, I thought I was going to get them out in a day or so but I am still waiting on a couple of things. I will send the info to LeAnna so she can post them accordingly.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  38. March 9, 2010 3:24 pm

    Sorry, I mean LeAnne,,LOL..

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  39. Jay Watson permalink
    March 22, 2010 1:11 pm

    I have sent the list I have in to LeAnne for a 2010 Tourney blog..or you can email me and I will send you the info I currently have.

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  40. Sherry Girty permalink
    March 24, 2010 12:07 pm

    16th Annual Haskell Commencement Indian Men’s & @Women;s Tournament
    May 8-9, 2010
    Clinton Lake Sports Complex
    Lawrence, Kansas

    Entry Fee: $250.00
    *Prizes subject to change *
    Championship: $500 + Pullovers
    Runner-up: $300 + T-Shirts
    Third Place: $150
    M.V.P. – Bat Bag/Jacket
    WOMEN AWARDS: Sweatshirts, T-Shirts

    Entry Deadline: MAY 3, 2010

    For Tournament Information:
    Email or Call
    Sherry Girty –
    Lou Edith Hara –
    Kerry Cuny –
    Sherry Girty: 785.979.5501 Cell
    Lou Edith Hara: 785.749.8404 x251 Work
    Kerry Cuny – 785.979.1771 Cell

  41. April 8, 2010 9:06 pm

    Been getting alot of requests so I thought i would go ahead post the info that I have.

    2010 Tourney List

    May 8-9 16th Annual Haskell Commencement Indian Men & Women Fast Pitch Tourney
    Clinton Lake Sports Complex Lawrence, Kansas
    Contact: Sherry Girty: (785)979-5501
    Cell Lou Edith Hara: (785)749-8404 x251 Work
    Kerry Cuny: (785)979-1771 Cell

    June 25-27 2010 Creek Nation Annual Festival Fast Pitch Men-Womens Tourney
    Creek Nation Ball Field Complex Okmulgee, Oklahoma
    Contact: Mike Sands (918)605-4048

    July 9-11 Oklahoma All Indian State Men-Womens Fast Pitch Tourney
    Creek Nation Ball Fields Complex Okmulgee, Oklahoma
    Contact: Cece Floyd (405) 943-7935

    July 24-25 El Reno Fast Pitch Men-Womens Tourney
    Concho Fields Concho, Oklahoma
    Contact: Robert Woods (405) 637 – 4956

    July 30-August 1 American Indian Expo Fast Pitch Men-Womens Tourney
    Anadarko, Oklahoma
    Contact: George Mopope (405)668-0992

    August 27-29 Cherokee National Holiday Fast Pitch Men-Womens Tourney
    Sequoyah Softball Fields Tahlequah, Oklahoma
    Contact: Melissa Cloud Office (918)453-5572

    September 3-5 Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival Fast Pitch Men-Womens Tourney
    Red Warrior Park Tushkahoma, Oklahoma
    Contact: Larry Wade (800)522-6170

    September 17-19 Seminole Nation Days Fast Pitch Tourney
    Seminole, Oklahoma
    Contact: Seminole Nations Days Office (405)257-7200

    October 1-3 Chickasaw Nation Annual Meeting Fast Pitch Tourney
    Johnston County Sports Complex Tishomingo, Oklahoma
    Contact: Chickasaw Nation Festival Office (580)371-2040

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fastpitch

  42. Rick Meza permalink
    April 12, 2010 9:47 pm

    Need info on Women’s fastpitch open tournaments for the 2010 season, have a team looking for open tournaments no native american affiliation, how can I get into allot of these tournements, or is there a site to sign up for open ones, Thanks

    Rick Meza
    Women’s 18 and Over Fastpitch

  43. April 13, 2010 12:38 pm

    Rick, as far as I know there is no website to enter any of the tourneys I have listed so you will need to call the contact numbers I have posted for each tourney to get more information on how to enter each tourney. Not every tourney is “All Indian” as almost all have opened up to some degree to non tribal members other than the Oklahoma State All Indian Fast Pitch Tourney, but again you will need to contact each tourney host for more specifics. If your interested in traveling you can always go to and enter the ASA National Tourneys through that site. Good Luck on your season

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fast Pitch

  44. April 14, 2010 8:59 am

    April 24th – 25th Native Bro’s Fastpitch Tournament(Mens Only)
    Seminole Nation (Mekusukey)Mission Fields
    Seminole, Oklahoma
    $100.00 entry fee and bring own balls. 1st place gets $250.00 and 2nd place gets $150.00
    Wendall Williams
    Phone: (405)382-1548

    Jay Watson
    Chahtas Fast Pitch

  45. ndnman50 permalink
    June 29, 2010 9:04 am

    anyone know results of creek nation festival? fastpitch.

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