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Put Down Your Star Trek Prequel Primer and Listen Up!

May 12, 2009

CR FrCov 2New Native books for your reading and purchasing pleasure are rounding the bases. Psst, they pack a helluva punch. [Well, . . . for us nerdy-types, such as myself, they do.] First up, Dr. Phil’s new book Chickasaw Renaissance to be published by the Chickasaw Press, Fall 2009. Philip Carroll Morgan, Choctaw-Chickasaw, newly-minted PhD as of April 2009, brings this book to fruition and often it feels like the homelands step in to play hot licks on wind guitars. Congratulations on a successful defense, and the new book, Phil! We can hardly wait to get our mitts on the stories and interviews told by Chickasaw men and women.

Next up, Performing Worlds Into Being, Native American Women’s Theater, edited by Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Kelli Lyon Johnson, and William A. Wortman. Finally out, and I’m using this refreshing look at native women plays and methods in the fall for my course, “Red and Black: Studies in American Indians and African Americans.” My students will complete the course by writing and performing a series of ten-minute plays. They’ll direct, produce, and as always, film them.

Craig Womack’s new book, Art as Performance, Story as Criticism, will be out in September 2009 from the University of Oklahoma Press. The book opens with death, in which a native filmmaker named Roe Nald’s love interest, a Catholic dancer, has faked his own death. Resurrection comes at the funeral home in McAlester, Oklahoma, (this is a Native story, after all) and Womack goes on to critique the meanings and methods he crafted in “Song of Roe Nald.” In a series of fifteen musings we learn why for instance, Mohawk author Beth Brant names women in sexual relations in her stories. (I might have something to say about this . . .but I digress). Womack travels the literary landscape and comes back again to Muskogee Country. A brilliant, funny, stunning performance with a couple of literary curveballs thrown in – just for fun. Buy these books!

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