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du tha chop, getz tha pox?

April 12, 2009

And how did we miss this? via Jodi: There are few words that can sum up the udder (sorry) ridiculousness of this collision of Indian mascots, baseball, and crass marketing. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 2008, Chick-fil-A sponsored a 40-foot tall, 15,000 pound cow at Turner Field that leads Braves fans in the tomahawk chop.

“Chick-fil-A initially was presented with a cow posed in a tomahawk chop. Then, the design was changed so the cow chopped from the shoulder. That simply would not do, Ogle said. The cow had to bend at the elbow. That’s the way fans chop at Braves’ games. ‘Anything less than that didn’t make sense,’ Ogle said.”


Not only does the cow lead the Braves Nation in the crazy offensive tomahawk chop, apparently it also followed in some of the early footsteps of the European colonizers’ arrival in the “new world” — it was built in Valencia, Spain and then shipped to New Orleans before being assembled at the field. Word of advice to the Braves fans: beware Spanish cows and the diseases they bring!

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  1. April 12, 2009 7:32 pm

    10 million, maybe more Natives in the New World will die from the pox, aka small pox.

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