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Be Leaves!

October 15, 2008

In my final word about Gidget and her political performance, I want to say that you read it here first that she was up to no good when she channeled Angela Lansbury’s performance in The Manchurian Candidate. What am I referring too? Just last Thursday, David Gergen reported on The Colbert Report that Palin was whipping up her crowds into a frenzy, so much so, that the zealots in her midst were shouting “kill’em” [him being Obama]. I cannot say I’m surprised and that she continues to stoke the fires of hell. Note to Governor Palin: This is not how to bring about real change?

In other season news, American Indian Fastpitch Softball Tournaments in Oklahoma finished their season at the Chickasaw Nation’s tourney, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. I’m happy to report that the Chahtas won the Chickasaw Nation Festival Fastpitch tourney, and the Seminole Nation Festival Fastpitch tourney a couple of weeks before the Chicks’ tourney. While manager Jay Watson reported that his Chahta’s Women’s team didn’t do as well as they’d like, ending their season with an 11-10 record with 2 first place wins and 1 second place showing and 2 third place finishes, he said they were nevertheless looking forward to next year’s tournaments.

As for me, I’ll be watching the upcoming World Series beginning October 22, 2008. At this writing, I’m going out of a limb, [pun intended] and be leaves it will be Boston against the Dodgers. As I said, I be leaves!

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