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The Pitch was Down and Away, Of Course.

May 1, 2008

And here are other echoes of my travels over the past two weeks. Pictured here, historian and Ojibwe scholar Brenda Child [author of Boarding School Seasons] and I are caught watching historian and Ojibwe scholar Jeani O’Brien [author of Dispossession by Degrees] demonstrate a baseball pitcher’s official wind up. Yes, we are in a hotel kitchen in an “after party” at the University of Georgia’s Native American and Indigenous Studies conference. PS: I am not Ojibwe.

Here I am in Rochester, New York at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore with the very savvy Moving Beyond Racism Book Club. They had all read Miko Kings and had some of the best questions about American Indian history contained in the book. They asked about the Dawes Act, The Four Mothers Society, and the difference between Civilized Indians and not so Civilized Indians. I told them to watch for the pictures on Dean Rader’s blog!

Here I am with my pub-buds, back home in Champaign, Il. From left to right are: Jan Davis, [AIS], Kelly Roberts [Geonpul], Jodi Byrd, [Chickasaw], Aileen Moreton-Robinson, [Geonpul] and me.

Pub buds in Champaign

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